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Three new flavors to try and a hint about storing your coffee.

Three new flavors to try and a hint about storing your coffee.

New Flavors

We just added three new flavors that you might want to try! Several of our coffee shop customers have told us their customers enjoy them, so we thought you might enjoy them as well.

Our Angel's Kiss coffee brings you the tastes of sweet coconut and delicious milk chocolate, with just a kiss of hazelnut!

Our Blazin' Bourbon Pecan coffee has the sweet flavor of bourbon pecan with a spark of cayenne fire!  This is definitely a sweet heat treat!

Our Coconut Cream Pie coffee has the rich, creamy custard flavor of coconut cream pie, with a hint of fresh whipped cream.   

Coffee Tip

Also, concerning coffee storage, we are often asked about the best way to store our coffee to maintain freshness.  We have carefully selected our coffee bags specifically with that objective in mind.  Simply reseal our bags with the built-in zip feature, squeeze the excess air out of the bag (via the one-way degassing valve), and store the bag in your pantry or cabinet.  There is no need to store your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer.

9th Aug 2019 Mike Arnold

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