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About Us




Raphael’s Roastery has been providing fresh roasted gourmet coffee since 1993, offering a full range of single origin coffees, custom blends, and delicious flavored coffees. We are committed to making a positive impact in our world through the support of missionary causes and the use of Certified Fair Trade coffees under our 35 North Coffee Co. brand.  All of our coffees are 100% Arabica!

We offer many single-origin coffees which carry their own distinct flavors from their growing regions. We offer custom blends which have been formulated over many years of testing that bring together coffees from different growing regions. These coffee beans, when combined, complement each other and provide unique taste experiences. And we offer a wide range of flavored coffees that have had our customers coming back for more for many years.

Raphael’s started as a wholesale coffee company serving coffee houses, gourmet food stores and others with award-winning specialty coffees and flavored coffees. For many years now, we have also offered these coffees directly to the consumer so that you can enjoy truly fresh coffee at your breakfast table or as a compliment to your favorite dessert.

In 2011, Raphael’s was purchased by M77 Management and is now operated under the direction of Mike Arnold, President of M77 Management, Inc. Our corporate name is a scripture reference to Matthew 7:7 (ask, seek, knock – receive, find, opened). We are a Christ centered business and endeavor to spread the love of Christ to the ends of the Earth.


Our Roasting Process:

Raphael’s is a roast-to-order company with exacting standards. We roast our coffees to the peak of flavor in small batches. Unlike many other roasters, the roasting process does not begin until we have an order. The roast-to-order method assures that you will have the finest, freshest specialty coffee available.

We purchase only the finest coffees from select growing regions around the world. We roast only top-grade Arabica coffees. These coffees are the pride of their specific growing regions and we think you will agree when you taste them.

To help ensure consistency in our coffees, our quality control process includes the Agtron analyzer. The Agtron device measures the degree of roast using near-infrared light. This light, invisible to the naked eye, is reflected off the coffee in much the same fashion as a radar or sonar. What light energy is not absorbed by the sugar molecules in the coffee is reflected back, providing a quantitative measure of degree of roast. Raphael’s Roastery was one of the first roasters in the southeast to incorporate the Agtron system. It provides our roasters precise feedback to assure they have roasted your coffee to our exacting standards. Just one more way we can ensure the quality of every cup you drink!

Exacting standards are applied in our flavor coffees also. Unlike some roasters who use past crop coffees for flavored coffees, Raphael’s only uses top grade current crop coffees. Our flavor extracts are measured to manufacturers' full recommendation by weight. Any flavored coffee which has been requested to be ground is held for at least 24 hours in the whole bean, flavored state before grinding. This allows the extract to soak into the beans fully and consistently. Taking this extra time translates into a more flavorful and consistent cup of coffee.

Although we only roast to order, we typically can roast, grind (when requested) and ship your coffee within 2-4 days. This assures you the finest, freshest coffee available.

To keep your coffee as fresh as possible, we recommend that you:

  • Purchase our coffees in whole bean form.
  • Never store coffee in the refrigerator.
  • Use a "burr" style grinder (not a "blade" style grinder/food processor)
  • Grind only the specific amount of coffee you plan to brew at a time.

There is nothing like the smell of freshly ground coffee to help intensify your coffee experience!