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This specialty coffee is produced in a very unique fashion to yield a very unique flavor profile.

Indian coffee was historically shipped to Europe in wooden sailing vessels, taking 4-6 months in transit around the Cape of Good Hope.  Because of the moisture seeping through the wood and the humid atmosphere, the coffee was effectively going through a type of post-harvest processing.  The green beans changed to a pale gold and the level of acidity dropped substantially.  This process has been duplicated for modern consumption and entitled "Monsooning." New crop coffees are not shipped immediately after harvesting.  They undergo a 12-16 week process of being exposed to the Monsoon, moisture-laden winds of the Arabian Sea, off the West Coast of India.  Our Indian Monsooned Malabar coffee is a Full-City Roast level with smoky, spicy notes, with medium body, low acidity and a smooth finish. (Not available in decaf.)