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A new take on the traditional Highlander Grog.  Our Carpe Grog delivers a more bold flavor and has a purpose!  

  • Its bold flavor is the result of a special formula to highlight its smooth, creamy notes and its boozy tones.  Additionally, this is a full city roast coffee which allows the true coffee flavor to shine though. (Available in regular or decaf.)
  • Its purpose is to help Carpe Cafe/Carpe Artista promote the arts! Carpe Cafe is attached to Carpe Artista, Smyrna’s number one non-profit art center. The center helps provide artistic development and creative training to the local community, in order to help children (and some adults) make the most of their surroundings. Carpe Artista is currently working on a project to install 2,500 creative leaders in 20 global locations by 2025 – by purchasing this coffee, you can help support this goal.  10% of your purchase will go to assist them in their efforts. You can find out more about them at or