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A great blend of four distinct growing regions made even better by 1/2 of the mix being medium roasted and 1/2 being French roasted. Makes a great, strong black coffee drink - lots of flavor, no burnt after taste. (Available in regular or decaf.)

Product Reviews

24 reviews Write a Review
  • 5

    Black & Tan

    April Brewer on 17th May 2024

    Great coffee!

  • 5

    Soothes the Beast

    The Adams Family on 2nd May 2024

    This is the only coffee my hubby will drink. He will design to drink other coffee in a pinch but this is his favorite and preferred coffee when able to get it.

  • 5

    Black and Tan

    Debbie McGowan on 21st Mar 2024

    This is my go to coffee. Robust but not too much!

  • 5


    Holly Jocher on 21st Mar 2024

    I love a Black & Tan coffee and this one is delicious. I ordered a few different ones to try and my husband said this one was his favorite.

  • 5

    Lost Count of number of orders

    John Scott Major on 1st Feb 2024

    My umpteenth plus 1 order of Black and Tan. To say it is simply our daily drinker coffee is an understatement. It is somewhere between my dog and my wife as part of our family. We love it.

  • 5

    My Favorite Bean

    Joshua Deuermeyer on 12th Dec 2023

    The Black and Tan roast is my favorite. I grind this for my French Press and the flavors are always spot on. I used Mike's recommendation and changed from a blade grinder to a burr grinder - big difference!

  • 5

    Black and Tan

    Greg Mather on 24th Oct 2022

    Got hooked on Black and Tan at a church Saturday night Fall Festival so we had to have it at home to enjoy daily. Love the flavor and find that I use 1/2 the amount of store brands to get the same or stronger coffee but tasing a lot more fresher. We use a drip coffee maker and usually I have to make my coffee in the morning and then make a different brand for my wife. We both enjoy this coffee and I only have to make it once in the morning.

  • 5

    Excellent coffee black or if you like to add dairy!

    Matthew Keller on 3rd Dec 2021

    I always enjoyed this coffee at my local coffee shop Celtic Cup. I bought whole bean and grind it fresh. This is my favorite darker profile coffee to add dairy to. Especially sweet cream. Medium coarse grind (Fellow Ode 6.1) 195 degree brew temp on a Kalita Wave 185.

  • 5

    Black and Tan

    William Duhe on 19th Oct 2021

    This coffee is the best I've ever had.

  • 5

    Black and Tan coffee re-review

    Fredric Cammack on 27th Feb 2021

    I forgot to click on the Stars rating on my previous review. I want to ensure my five star rating along with my stated rating has been expressed so that people will know we think this coffee is Great.